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Derm Detective: Sunscreen and Benzene SKINFORMATION!

By Renata Block, MMS, PA-C

List of Sunscreen Products where Benzene has been Detected.

List of Sunscreen products WITHOUT Benzene Detected.

Responsible disposal of contaminated products.

Be Skin and Sunscreen Savvy!💋

Diva Tip:

Long-term exposure (i.e. 12 months or more) to Benzene can cause potential harm, however, many factors should also be considered such as health status and age.

Renata Block is the creator of Savvy Derm Diva and is a Dermatology Physician Assistant practicing at Advanced Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine, LLC in Chicago. Derm Detective is a monthly column exploring ingredients, procedures, and diagnosis of all things skin. Follow her on IG, Twitter, and FB @savvydermdiva