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  • Savvy Derm Diva

Consumer's Health Digest - The Algae Revolution!

Chicago SKINfluencer and Skin Care Blogger Renata Block, PA-C, aka Savvy Derm Diva, is excited to debut her Prebiotic Supplements and promote GUT Health than can lead to a strong immune system and healthy skin.

The purest Blue Spirulina on the market today is available at Ocean Rx!

Ms. Block is also available for a virtual dermatology consultation! Telemedicine office visits are convenient for new and established patients living in Chicago and beyond. In-office dermatology visits are also available in the South Loop for everything skin from general dermatology to cosmetic procedures!


Enjoy 10% off Ocean Rx Prebiotics with your first order with Code: PURE

Check out the Full Video YouTube at Consumer's Health Digest!

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